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I can’t believe its taken me as long as it has to figure this out.

Raspberry Pi 3 Bluetooth on Ubuntu Xenial

Ubuntu Xenial isn’t an officially supported operating system for the Raspberry Pi, but there are images available for both the Pi 2 and Pi 3 in Trusty and Xenial versions. I’ve found the Xenial image works quite well, but as I recently discovered the Bluetooth chip that is present on the Pi 3 isn’t detected at all out of the box. Getting it working turned out to be a bit of a mission.

Crappy UX and Consumer Electronics

One of the weird things that happens as you go from being a teenager to being a student-who-is-still-a-teenager to being an actual bona fide adult is that you end up putting a lot of time and thought into purchasing decisions that you never really considered relevant before. I recently purchased a microwave. I treated this process much like I would any other purchasing process for a piece of electronic goods; that is I went to a store, assessed which of the available models seemed to best fit my needs.

Fun and Games and Xenial

I have just finished upgrading my main workstation at home (‘hactar’) from Ubuntu 15.10 ‘Wily’ to Ubuntu 16.04 ‘Xenial’ which, after 3 days of trying, turned out to be one of the most involved upgrades I have ever undertaken. At the end of the day this was because of a bug1 in the LVM2 package on Xenial, and was a bit challenging to fix without just nuking the system and starting again.

DS3231 Real Time Clock on a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu Xenial

By this point I really don’t need to explain how great the Raspberry Pi is - a nice useful lump of computing power for not very much money1 . The low price point does mean that you loose some features that come standard on larger computers though, and one of the less obvious omissions is a ‘real time clock’ module to keep track of time while the main computer is powered off.

Podcasts worth listening to, April 2016

I spend a fair amount of time each day listening to podcasts, mainly in the car getting to and from work, and over time have settled into a nice list of podcasts I obsessively listen to. The ones listed below are the ones I feel are worth talking about and giving a try if you haven’t already.