To Hon. Nicky Wagner, MP, w.r.t Refugees

I sent the following message to Hon. Nicky Wagner, MP, my elected representative. I will post any response I recieve

Dear Ms Wagner,

While I did not support you, nor your party in the previous general election, and I am sure our views differ on a great many issues, I am a constituent of yours and am contacting you in the firm belief that we share the same Kiwi values of respect for others, dignity for all people and helping those who need our help.

Like many people I am appalled at recent developments in the United States of America with regards to their policy on admitting refugees, especially with respect to the apparent discrimination against those of the Muslim faith. Even more than the actions of our US allies, I am deeply concerned about the New Zealand Governments’ silence on this matter. As my elected representative and a Member of Parliament, I implore you and the New Zealand government to:

  1. Publish a statement affirming the New Zealand Governments’ commitment to welcoming refugees of all races and religious affiliations, and reject this policy of the United States. To do anything less at this time is, in the eyes of the global community, an implicit endorsement of the policy of our close ally, and

  2. Drastically increase the number of refugees New Zealand accepts. With deepening humanitarian crises in Syria and other parts of the Middle East, along with the United States’ apparent intention to shrink away from their role in accepting a substantial proportion of those seeking refuge from violence and turmoil, the world faces the possibility of suffering not seen in generations. It is time for New Zealand to step up and do a greater part in helping the worlds’ most vulnerable people, in the finest traditions of our country.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter, and I hope you take some of its message to heart.

Yours Respectfully,

William Hughes

Update: I recieved this response from Ms Wagner on 2/2/17

Dear William,

Thanks for your email. The PM at his media conference today stated that NZ doesn’t agree with Trumps policy & that is not acceptable here.

We have also increased our refugee numbers because of the Syrian conflict. And built a new Mangere Centre to ensure extra refugees can be well looked after.

But of course we are concerned about what is happening in the USA & will continue to monitor while respecting Kiwi values.

Best regards Nicky