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WXC VoIP on an Orcon Genius/Netcomm NV4F

Disclaimer: This should not be read as an endorsement or criticism of either Orcon or WXC. A review of these services may appear later if I feel I have something worth talking about

I recently switched to Fibre broadband through Orcon, and decided that I really didn’t want to paid the $30 a month1 for the privilege of having a VoIP account when there are other companies that can provide the same service for less.

Building logstash-forwarder v0.3.0 for armhf

(or, I really should learn more about this ‘Go’ thing)

The wonders of Logstash is a subject for a future blog post, but in the mean time the following are my notes for building logstash-forwarder to run on an armhf device (specifically, a Raspberry Pi, running Raspbian). These instructions assume a modern Linux machine (I run Ubuntu 14.04).


puppet-basicca is a puppet module designed to automate the process of creating SSL certificates, particularly self-signed certificates. I also use it to create certificate signing requests (CSRs) to submit to the authorities who sign my certificates (at time of writing, StartCOM Namecheap1 ).